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Top 5 New Features in Photoshop CS5

Check out these 5 Top features in Photoshop CS5...Really cool...


Simple Menu in Flash AS3

Hi all, upon request from people, here i am with a small tutorial on 'Creating a Simple Menu' in Flash AS3.

Final Output:

This movie requires Flash Player 9


Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop


Samsung Apps Contest 2010

It seems Samsung has plans to start its own TV Appstore with applications using Flash Lite for Digital Home. Samsung announced new “Internet@TV” service, where user can download the various kind of applications onto Samsung DTV through internet with its own UI and service client.

Currently, Samsung provides the SDK to only register CPs. The current number of CPs is 200 and there are about 80 applications in application store. Those numbers will increase as time goes. It recently announced the SAMSUNG APPS CONTEST 2010, calling developers to use their SDK and create new applications for TV.

Any developer who wants to create applications can

Developers can make applications using  Web technologies (HTML and JavaScript) and ADOBE FLASH Technology.

Hope this starts a new era of TV Apps using Flash Lite for Digital Home.


TiVo DVR using Flash Lite for Digital Home

Adobe Flash Lite for Digital Home is in news now-a-days. Recently Intel's Sodaville announced that they are going to use Flash. Now its TiVo, which announced its new Set-top box which uses Adobe Flash Platform.


This device has several new menus with a very rich UI:

  • TiVo Central
  • TiVo Search
  • Tivo Browser (Tivo Content Browsing, not a html browser)
  • My Shows etc

Apart from this, the Remote is pretty exciting with QWERTY Keyboard and very much like the way needed to navigate different Applications.

Way to go Flash Lite for Digital Home...


Adobe Flash Player 10 be available on Intel Sodaville

intel-logoDuring this week's Intel Developer Forum, Intel has unveiled "Sodaville" a new 45nm system-on-a-chip based on the comapny’s Atom processor that’s designed specifically to bring interactive, Internet-based services and content to televisions, set-top boxes, and peripherals like DVD players and DVRs. The chipset supports both Internet and broadcast applications, and has enough processing horsepower to handle both video and audio processing and 3D graphics in real time.

The CE4100 will be available at speeds of up to 1.2 GHz, and will feature hardware-based decoding capabilities that can handle two 1080p video streams simultaneously, along with high-definition audio and 3D graphics. The system supports hardware-based decoding for MEG4, and integrated NAND flash controller, support for DDR2 and DDR3 memory, support for SATA-300 and USB 2.0, and 512K of L2 cache. The chip will support Flash Player 10, along with standards like OpenFGL ES 2.0 for developing media-intensive 3D applications; Adobe expects Flash 10 to be available for Sodaville devices in mid-2010.


Its 2nd Birthday of ADOBE AIR

sidebar-logo2Its 2nd Birthday for ADOBE AIR. AIR was started on February 25th, 2008 and with  in this 2 years, it grew rapidly and adopted by many as better option for creating RIA for Desktop. You can see AIR Applications now everywhere in a wide variety of domains from Entertainment, News, Social Networking, eLearning, Video etc.

Its really great to use such a product and lets flourish it further...

Looking forward for the exciting new application on AIR...

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Adobe Photoshop is 20 Years Old

Adobe Photoshop, the one tool used by all the designers across the globe, is nearing 20 Years Anniversary now.  The Official Anniversary is on Feb 19th.

Here are the Logos of all the Versions of Photoshop till CS4...



Hope to see more of Photoshop in Future...


Unix Timestamp in Flash

Recently i needed to convert normal Time to Unix Timestamp in Flash. I couldn't get how to go about it intially. But when i gone through the definition of Unix Timestamp, its was clear for me.

"The unix time stamp is a way to track time as a running total of seconds. This count starts at the Unix Epoch on January 1st, 1970. Therefore, the unix time stamp is merely the number of seconds between a particular date and the Unix Epoch."

In order to count the number of seconds till a time, we have method Date.getTime() in Flash. This will effectively return the number of seconds from the Unix Epoch till the Date.

This is how i tried to find out the number of seconds till today's System Time:

var myDate = new Date();
var unixTime = Math.round(myDate.getTime()/1000);
trace("Unix Time: "+unixTime);


Fri Jan 22 13:01:55 GMT+0530 2010
Unix Time: 1264145516


 A video featuring Jon Landau, Producer of "Avatar", describing how Adobe software was used throughout the production of the film.  

Very proud to be part of ADOBE...

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